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Forever Mauied Weddings

Destination Wedding or Not?

Whether you have dreamed of getting married on a white sandy beach or among the dense tropical forest, organizing a Maui Beach Wedding isn't as tough or expensive as you might think. Each year more couples are choosing to travel long distances to be married and there are some compelling reasons why. Many families don't live close to one another now days, and it is very likely that your Mom and Dad, Sisters or Brothers are scattered all over the country or even live on different continents than yourself. Lots of your closest family members that would wish to attend the wedding would travel to a Maui Beach Wedding. Weddings are generally one day affairs and this gives you little time to spend with family members. However Maui Beach Weddings can be more of a vacation that allows you a lot more time to spend with close relatives and friends that you've not seen in ages. Having to order the wedding flowers, wedding cake, wedding video cinematographer, wedding photographer and wedding dress can be very stressing and laborious. At Forever Mauied Weddings we offer packages which will include everything you need to plan a beach wedding on Maui. Forever Mauied Weddings has Maui beach wedding planners/coordinators that are experienced and professional and can put together a package to suit almost any budget. There would be only a few things left that you would need to organize yourself as everything will be done prior to you arriving. The only planning you will be left with is to pick up your wedding license. This will allow you much more time to relax before the wedding and there will be no mad last minute rushing around to make certain that everything is prepared. All you will be doing is relaxing on the beach enjoying the company of those closest to you. Unless you are going to be paying for all of your guests to attend your wedding on Maui, you can expect that your guest list will be much smaller. Not everybody will be in a position to afford the price of airfares, hotel bills and other expenses. However if you send out save-the-date cards early enough, you will find that many more people will attend your wedding than you expected, especially if you are heading off to the tropical paradise "Maui". Close friends and family will simply make it part of their yearly vacation; an exotic island paradise vacation can be very enticing. Although there is a much larger distance to go when opting for a destination wedding, once you add up all of the costs you will often find that a Maui Beach Wedding works out a lot less expensively. For a similar budget that a wedding back home costs, you will be ready to have an extended wedding vacation on a tropical island paradise for the same budget. The biggest cost will be the airfares, depending on where you are traveling from. Maui is not as pricey as you think when it comes to the hotels, resorts and the entire Beach Wedding, (photo, coordinator, minister, video, location) package.

Janet Inda & Darlene Munn
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