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All Things Photography

 When choosing your photography package, there are a couple of points to consider.  First, determine whether you would like to work with a professional who gives
the CD/USB in their packages or one who does not. Remember, there are professionals who feel it is important for you to have your photo CD/USB, to ease the process of prints & enlargements for you.  Although we do include the CD/USB in most all of our packages, we would be happy to assist you with your printing and enlargement needs as well.  Remember; just because you receive your CD/USB in your package, does not mean you are not dealing with a highly qualified, and reputable company.
​We have been in this business for over 28 years,  we love what we do, and it shows in our work!  
Secondly, ask yourself 'what do I want from my photo's?'. Do you plan to make enlargements? If so, what size? The 35mm Digital Cameras of today will allow for
up to a 16x20 enlargement ​before losing any clarity. Any larger and the photo may develop a 'grainy' effect. 
We will assist you in every way to make your day a "Day to Remember"!  

Photography has always been an important part of our lives. From the albums overflowing with family reunion, Christmas, and birthday memories captured, to the annual portrait at the local studio. Photography captures the memories for a lifetime. As a photographer I have always strived to capture the style, emotion and personality of whomever I photograph. There is far more to this than a mere exposure. A simple glance across a crowded room or the gentle kiss between lovers on a quiet beach, these shots must be anticipated or they will go by in an instant without being captured. Just as the photographer must anticipate in order to capture a photojournalistic style they must also plan in order to capture the portrait in which you have envisioned; how to position the hands, what is in the background, how to turn for the light - these are things which can be taught. The angle to choose for the shot, how to bring out the emotion of the shot and how to choose shots that will fit the personality of the person in the shot, these things cannot be taught. To understand photography you must first understand that photography is the capturing of a moment in time. The background may change, the clothing or props may change but the personality of the people in the photograph Is the photograph. Photography is an important part of your Special Day - that is why it is always good to let the professionals capture your memories that will last forever!  I look forward to working for, and with you to ensure your day is the best it can be! With over 28 years of experience, I pride myself in excellent customer service!